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Guide to install cccam plugin in openatv image of Zgemma

Guide of install cccam plugin in openatv image of Zgemma

  1. download softcam-feed-universal_2.0_all.ipk file from internet
  2. copy file to your USB stick root catalog
  3. open your box ready and insert usb stick to your box usb jack
  4. select file and install like below
    select install extensions press ok key
    select softcam-feed-universal_2.0_all.ipk press ok key and then press green key
    here you can see the plugin have installed
  5. press exit key twice go to main menu
  6. press menu key select plugins press ok key
  7. press green key to download plugins
  8. untill display below photo select softcams press ok key
  9. here you can select cccam2.3.2 to install or install other softcam
  10. confirm to install softcam
  11. press ok key then the plugin will install fast
  12. press exit key three times go to exit
  13. press blue key to active softcam
    select softcam press → key to select softcam panel press ok key
  14. select cam1 press →key display cccam_2.3.2
  15. press green key to active cccam
  16. then you can config your account
  17. press yellow key you can see the cccam info
  18. edit your account file
    your account file is here
    you can use dcc or other ftp tool to see
  19. edit file refrence
  20. after your edit your account then save it and restart your box(note:don’t power off your box)
    the share program will come
Guide to install cccam plugin in openatv image of Zgemma 2

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