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FAQ Regarding Sales

Q: What kind of payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all Cards, Paypal, and Crypto.
Note : If you are interested in another way of payment, contact support for instructions.

Q: What should I do after payment?
A: Just wait for our email, we will send your account on your email .

Q: Can I test before payment?
A: Sure you can as we do believe this is your right. The test is 24 hours long and free. Simply submit your test request from the top menu of our website or click here. Instant cccam test line will be provided on chat

Q: Do you guarantee Money Back?
A: The customer is not entitled to any compensation or refund or other consideration from cccam.eu if :

  1. Customer does not want us to help in problem solving .
  2. Quality of the account he have is the same as the one tested.
  3. Some channels or one package is not working.
  4. Dont know how to setup the device / account.

If client is eligible to a refund , we will process the refund immediately once we receive the request.

Customer is eligible for refund when :

  1. The quality he get is different from the one tested.
  2. Want to cancel the purchase and have not used the service .
  3. Other justified reason .

Note: Refund usually takes 20~90 work days to take place and it’s not in our hand to reduce this period. Our payment processors will take care of refund requests. We will refund any users immediately after seeing the request and checking user information.

Q: Can I receive discount? How?
A:Yes, you can. If you purchase 5 or more accounts at once. For more info contact Sales Team.

Q: Do you have free cccam account?
A: We are a cccam pay server, so the cccam service we provide is paid; but our 24 hours test server is free.

Q: I am interested in being your re-seller. What needs to be done?
A: You can easily become a cccam reseller , just a free account in our panel .After that you can create free accounts so you can test the panel before you decide to top up

Q: How long does activation take after I send money?
A: It can take from 5 minutes to maximum of 24hours, depending on how busy we are.
Note: If you are in a hurry, you can ask sales team for a temporary account.

If your question has not been answered yet, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.