Icam Bouquets


Icam Bouquets

Follow this guide for your Icam Bouquets auto installation script for any receiver.

We have prepared an auto installation script for icam Bouquets for all receivers.

The script will install icam Bouquets with all German channels

  1. Open the receiver’s web interface. (Enter the receiver’s IP into the browser)
  2. Bottom left on Terminal
  3. Enter login and password (root / root) or use your own password.
  4. Change password under Menu button > Settings > System > Network > Password
  5. Insert the following command wget -qO- i.tv-lounge.eu/install_v3.txt | bash
  6. ​Confirm with
  7. An installation screen appears
  8. Select option 3 (Update Bouquets only). 
  9. Then choose your image, e.g. OpenATV
  10. The Bouquet is installed, then end the process with 0-Back/Exit.
  11. The receiver will automatically restarted
screenshot 2023 08 29 213505
screenshot 1
screenshot 2

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